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If your home has parging with minor cracks, it may be time to have us apply a resurfacing layer

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Parging is commonly used at the bottom of a brick wall to protect the most vulnerable part of a building from water and snow. This is accomplished by applying a special type of cement to create a smooth flat surface. Parging is also used on exterior house walls and even on chimney’s to give your house a very smooth and classic look. Parged walls can also be painted.

Why Do Parging Cracks Appear?

Although used as a moisture barrier, parging itself can sometimes become wet. When this happens, the water inside the parging can freeze and expand – resulting in cracks.

How is Parging Repair Done?

A parge coating is applied with the help of a trowel, which is hard-pressed onto the surface with the intent to produce a contiguous surface by filling bug holes, and voids.

The parging is NOT the foundation

The parging coat is applied to the foundation. The parging is not the foundation, but rather, a coating on the foundation.

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Thanks to our group of friendly & reliable technicians we ensure 100% complete satisfaction with all our parging services.
Multiple Services

Multiple Services

If you already have Cement Parging and it’s in rough shape, ask us about our Parging Repair Service.
Protective Coating

Protective Coating

Parging is a low-cost alternative to help rejuvenate a structural masonry wall whose mortar has begun to fail and also creating air tightness for your home.
24-hour Estimates​

24-hour Estimates​

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Elizabeth W.
Elizabeth W.
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Joe has been very responsive in both the projects I've asked him to do for me. He shows up and gets the work done as promised. One was a coop project and he is very patient in dealing with all kinds of folks, but still didn't let all the curve balls affect the quality of the work. His estimate work is also proper with pictures and detail. His work is thorough and clean and economical. I would highly recommend him for concreting and cement work.

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